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Project Overview

Giving a quality education means sharing the most important and relevant information. So when your audience is comprised of aspiring academics, you’ll want to make sure you’re giving them what they need to succeed.

GED.com is an online resource that prepares individuals to earn their high school equivalency diploma. But to properly prepare students, they needed to know what questions people have before taking the GED exam, like what they need to study and how a GED credential can improve their lives. They also knew they needed to do better at reaching their audience, which meant broadening their organic keywords portfolio and bringing web visitors to their new website.

GED Testing Service wanted a reputable digital marketing agency with experience in the education industry to help them with their goals. Enter Big Leap. After discussing goals and performing a site audit, we concluded their website and ranking could improve by implementing a new blog. This helped them gain over one million website sessions in a year.

Find out how Big Leap used blog content and keyword research to improve GED Testing Service’s rankings by over 1,000 positions on Bing and Google. You can also contact us directly to learn how we could do the same for your organization.

Our Strategy

Extensive Competitor Analysis and Topic Research

Our SEO managers studied GED’s competition and what they were doing to rank on search engines. We wanted to know what kind of topics these competitors covered, helping to identify commonly asked questions that their content should approach, as well as questions that weren’t answered on competitor blogs. From there, Big Leap created a content calendar of ideas and topics to write about.

Unique Content Creation

Before Big Leap got involved, GED.com did not have a blog. After our initial competitor analysis, we knew that a blog would improve their keyword portfolio and get them some high ranking content.

Using what we found in our competitor and topic analysis, we created 15 pieces of blog content that addressed previously unanswered questions to offer something new and beneficial for their audience.

We continue to create content to this day. At this point in our campaign, we have completed over 60 pieces.

Unified Web Development

GED.com was merged from two previous websites to create their new, streamlined site. And while website consolidation made things more efficient, it also created many web errors. They needed help to better manage their links and redirect errors. They also needed to reformat their website to properly integrate a new blog. Big Leap’s web development team partnered with GED Testing Service to create a unified task force to get the website and blog up and running.

Just from the blog posts we created in the last year, GED.com gained 600,000 total clicks and 22.3 million total impressions.