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B2C, Roofing/Home Services
Improvement in organic traffic and rankings through SEO and content marketing strategies


Project Overview

When you’re in a competitive industry like home services, you should never treat your online presence as an afterthought. Consistently improving your digital marketing plan is one of the best ways to get ahead of the market. But of course, this is easier said than done. SEO takes a lot of effort, and when you’re busy managing the day-to-day operations of your business, it’s challenging to invest time into elevating your online presence.

Big Leap’s contractor client that does roofing, siding, and home projects company was faced with this predicament. They weren’t receiving much site traffic nor were they ranking for any keywords. Their team needed a dedicated SEO team to help amplify their digital footprint.

By the recommendation of one of our clients, this home services company turned to Big Leap for guidance on optimizing their online pages in 2019. By combining local SEO efforts with content marketing initiatives, we were able to help them go from ranking in the 100th position for keywords to the first position nationally.

Our Strategy

Because this company provides their services to specific counties in Indiana, we understood local SEO would be essential to our client’s campaign. But SEO is just one piece of the pie; to maximize their online results, we knew combining their SEO with content marketing would help them achieve the success they wanted.

We took our combined knowledge of SEO and the roofing industry to create strategies centered on keyword research, local SEO, and content optimization.

Conducting Extensive Keyword Research

To enhance their site for topic relevance, we knew we needed to gain insight into their field and customers. Our SEO team first conducted meticulous research on our roofing contractor client and the roofing and siding industry.

Using Google Search Console and SEMRush, our team looked at keywords and topics competitors were using. We used these resources as a baseline to help us identify gaps that this company needed to fill and areas that could serve as critical advantages. This process also helped our team better understand our client’s business and how we could provide digital marketing services tailored to their goals.

Improving Local SEO through Site-Page Optimization

With a prepared list of keywords, our SEO team focused on optimizing their site for local SEO. That way, they would show up for relevant roofing/home project queries in their area.

We began by optimizing their main navigation pages by strategically weaving in keywords we discovered from our research. Our SEO specialists made sure the keywords assigned to each page were relevant, had a high search volume, and would help our client earn more qualified leads.

Producing New, High-Quality Content

ur SEO specialists knew that simply optimizing our roofing contractor client’s web pages wouldn’t be good enough; it wouldn’t help them gain the traction they needed to stay competitive. Therefore, we dove into producing new blog content. During our keyword research, we looked into valuable roofing and home services topics that would help educate their audience. Our team then collaborated with our in-house content team to flesh out these topics and produce high-quality blog articles.

Finding Backlinks Opportunities through Local Citations

The newly optimized navigation pages and blog posts were shared on our client’s Google My Business page. This would help raise awareness of their credible services and encourage online users to visit their website.

We also worked on creating new local citations for them, which would serve as additional backlinks (a critical Google ranking factor) to their website. This involved running a report to identify any local directories in which this company was not listed and ensuring their information was accurately posted on those directories.

Location Page Creation

Throughout this campaign, we created around 70 location pages and we verified there was no more than 10% duplicate content for each page. We used dedicated keywords which were assigned to roofing pages and siding pages for specific areas in Indiana or if someone was searching for “near me” types of terms.

This project began because the area in IN which this client serves is so large that they don’t have physical locations in every city. Service area pages were created instead of location pages. This helped Google to understand that our client provides services to all of those different areas, which in turn, helps them to show up in Google Search.