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so you know what to expect when we set our phone call time, and so we can serve you best.

Step #2 - Here's What To Expect Next...

  • FIRST - We have received your information, and in the next 24 - 72 business hours I will be reviewing it and preparing your video analysis. 
  • Second - Our premium services aren't for everyone. If you are working with someone now and unhappy with your progress, we'll then get on a call to look at your goals, your plan to get there, and ensure you're a good fit for our campaign.
  • Third - Watch the short video so you'll be prepared when you talk with me. Once you've completed the video and think you have a good understanding of the topic, wait for your Video Analysis in your email and look it over at least 24 hours before our call.

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We often receive 10-15 applications per day, so I will review yours as soon as it comes across my desk. If I think you're a good fit, we'll give you a call to setup a full interview.

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